So… I May Have Met a Unicorn

What is a Unicorn? According to, “a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.” But when it comes to people, unicorns are those people we hear rumors about existing. The ones that just get it and know the right thing to say not because they are trying to get laid, but because they are genuine.

I’ve met a lot of shitty men in my life. I ignored some very obvious, bright red flags thinking that they’d be perfect if they could just… And many times I believed that I could be the person to help them fix that specific issue.

After years of dating broken men, I’m done. I’ve spent the last few months in therapy understanding why I do what I do and choose who I chose. Therapy is one of the best gifts that I gave myself this year. Don’t we all want to be the best versions of ourselves and fix the little nuances from our past that are holding us back from career success, happiness, or even a functional, loving relationship? I know I do.

After taking time off from this whole scene, I decided to stumble upon Bumble again. I just like how women are in control so you don’t have to deal with the assholes that are being perverted or can’t use proper grammar. As I was swiping mostly left, I came across someone who looked familiar. I felt like I had met them before. After reading his profile and seeing his name, I had met him.

I swiped right but didn’t think I would get a connection. Luckily I did, and I started out the conversation with “hey I think I’ve met you before.” And he remembered me too. Now I am not going to get into the specifics of how we met about a year a half ago. I will say this, there was something about him that comforted me in a time when I was feeling very anxious and dealing with some serious life choices. Maybe it was his spirit, his smile, or the compassion I knew he had for a person in my situation. But I never forgot him.

We chatted on Bumble and took the talking old school and had some pretty lengthy phone conversations. I was intrigued by him and all of his life experiences and his insane passion for his career. Passion in work and life is so important. Sadly, a lot of people lack it. But not the Unicorn.

We finally met again last night and went out. He brought me a small gift bag that was filled with some very thoughtful items that coincided with some recent life events. And it made me want to get teary eyed because he really put thought into everything in there. If you’ve read past posts, most of the guy’s I’ve encountered didn’t put in much work, and I let that be okay. I decided recently that I deserve more and more importantly I deserve someone who could one day be my partner. If someone is half-assing things out of the gate, they will get lazier.

We had a fabulous meal with great conversation, and he even came back to my house to just talk and listen to music. The body language was there that the feeling was mutual, but we ended the night with a nice long hug.

Tonight we’re going to Netflix and chill without that kind of chilling because again, he’s a Unicorn.

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