Frat Party or Date?

I thought the date with the guy who asked if he could buy drugs from me was bad. Boy, was I wrong?

Last night could best be described as a complete cluster fuck. I’ve been off of online dating and taking a break the past 4.5 weeks after a really scary experience with a guy I met on Tinder. That blog is coming, I promise. I decided to get back on Bumble over the weekend and see if there were any new options there. I immediately started talking to a few guys.

The guy I met last night seemed down to earth. He only lives in Charlotte part time and travels between here and up North for work. We chatted on the Bumble chat off and on yesterday and then had a phone call which was totally normal. I thought the call was better than ok actually because he was very forthcoming with what he wanted and what he didn’t want. Finally, a guy who knows what he wants.

I was having dinner with a coworker and he was meeting with some of his friends for drinks so he invited the two of us to meet them. So we did. I think the whole thing went to hell the minute we sat down at the table with the Bumble guy who looked just like my old boss that I hate. Eek, strike one. From there it continued to spiral down into something you’d see in the movie Animal House. There were so many dick jokes and other things you shouldn’t really say on a 1st or 10th date for that matter.

My friend decided to start recording the conversation because it was just that freakin’ ridiculous. Take a listen below.

This guy is 42 in case you were wondering. I made this FB live video yesterday driving home from the shit show of a date. There’s more audio, I am just trying to decide what to do with it exactly.



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