Nick & the Ghost

This is a craptacular dating story from DDT fan and guest blogger Nick.

For most of my dating life, I seem to be a one and done type of person. I go on one date, only to be done afterwards. When I meet someone from online, we seem to have great chemistry online sometimes having pages of emails back and forth. But when we meet, the women see me and the look on their face says it all, “Oh he does not look cute”.

During the date, I feel like it goes well for the most part. Not feeling an instant connection, but sometimes that connection has to build over time. But anyway, after the date is over I always ask them to text me when they get home so I’ll know they got home safely. And they always do. But then the next day when I text them, I either get one-word responses back or none at all. And I don’t blow up their phone. I just ask what they are up to. Day 2, day 3, etc no response.

Turns out I was blocked from not only their phone but the dating site we were talking on. Now granted when I was younger, some first dates lead to sex. But that stopped when I was like 26-27. When I found out that I was ghosted, I go back through the date and the conversations to figure out what went wrong. I always pay for the meal, I am open but not too open, I show my personality. The normal things. But when I evaluate them, it was always how I looked in their eyes. I was not attractive. I wasn’t dressed like a slob, but I think it was my weight. I carry myself very well.

But back to ghosting, my whole thing now is if you are even thinking about ghosting me, how about you be an adult and tell me you don’t see this working out. Ghosting is so high school and immature. I’m not crazy, I won’t bite, but jeez just tell me instead of ignoring me. Recently a girl I went on the one date with (shocker) said she sends the 👻emoji to let them know she’s done with them. She was out of my league anyway.

Nick, you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. It wasn’t you, it was them. They were shitty people that weren’t mature enough to say how they really feel. You dodged a bullet, my friend! 

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