1st Date Impressions Circa 2009

I went to archive.org to grab another one of the dating articles I wrote when I was thirty in 2009 and found this gem from my IntheLadiesRoom blog. Some things never change!

I am still semi-new to this weird thing we call the dating world. Ah, the life of a single person—confusing at times, exciting at times, and yes even quite regrettable more often than not.

I’ve met a few candidates to be my other half the traditional way the last few months, but those situations really haven’t panned out. It’s 2009 and my aunt and uncle have both had great success with online dating. In fact, both ended up marrying the people they met. Why not—I have $44.95 a month for a little experiment. 

 So I’ve met like 6 guys—some were just horrible experiences and some were cool. I want you to think back to the first time you met someone—or you even saw someone initially. Is their romantic fate decided in the first 5 minutes?Maybe it’s their body language, the way they carry themselves, just their physical appearance—Do you judge someone based on the first meeting and decide that they will be in the friend zone or the more than friend zone?

 It’s been my experience that when I meet someone initially I either feel something or I don’t. And once you are put into the friend zone, it’s damn near impossible to be called up to the more than friend zone. It can happen every once and a blue moon, but I think I can count those instances on my one hand. 

 I want to hear from you—are you as judgmental initially as I am? How easy is it for someone to be traded from friends to more than friends?

BTW, I am officially off all dating APPs and sites again. I had a really bad Tinder date experience. It may have been the wake-up call that I needed to slow down and rethink what I am looking for and how to go about finding it.

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