Why So Quiet?

I know I have been pretty silent lately about my most recent dating experience. There are a few reasons for my silence.

Remember the blog I wrote about the Instafamily guy? Well, he found the site and the blog. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased with me. And I suppose if someone had written those things about me I’d be pissed off too. It’s my damn fault though because I decided to share the link to The Dating Diatribe on my personal Facebook page which is 100% public because of my daytime job. Oppps. The truth is, he was super kind to me and didn’t do anything wrong. He was excited to spend time with me, and that’s what I should want in a guy. I just wasn’t there yet. I needed to realize my worth and what kind of respect I deserve from a man.

My issue was that I was so used to being treated a certain way that I was more apt to accept someone treating me as a 2nd class or 3rd class citizen. In my marriage, I played 2nd fiddle to my husband’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. So it was easy for me to be okay with guys that made me more of an option than a priority.

I am there now. Which brings me to the present day of dating. I met someone super cool off of the Bumble App the first day I signed up. We spoke for 4 hours on the phone the first night and met up the next evening for drinks. I was 99.5% sure he wouldn’t be into me because I like to make assumptions about people and judge. I am working on that, though. We hit it off and have seen each other a lot since our initial meeting. He’s cool as shit, and I like him.

With that being said, that’s all I am going to say about the guy I’ve nicknamed “the best cuddler ever.” I am trying this whole new thing where I don’t over analyze ever god damn thing and just live in the moment and enjoy it to see where it goes. Plus, my dumbass gave him the link to this website because he wanted to read it while at work. Lucky for me, he read all of the shit I’ve written about other men and didn’t run… yet! 🙂

I will be sharing some generic dating content while I enjoy my time with BCE. I do have some friends that are single and dating that will start being guest bloggers here sharing their crazy dating stories.

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