A Look Back At My Dating Blog From 2009

Holy shit! I just hit the online dating blog jackpot! So eight years ago I was newly single and trying to navigate the dating world. I tried Match.com and met some guys organically. And of course, I kept a record of many of my trials and tribulations with a blog. See, some things never change.

I feared that what I wrote was lost forever until my Uncle sent me a link to a website where you can search the archives of the internet. I knew that once it’s online it never really goes away so I was sad when I couldn’t find this little gem. Thankfully, though, it’s still out there, and now I can share a slice of my single life 7 years ago.

The blog appropriately called, “I’m Single Because I am Too Picky—Really?” And the last blog I posted here just a few days ago was about the same god damn thing.

So what did the picky me think of dating and all these guys I was meeting in 2009?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told lately. In fact two of my co-workers were telling me this morning how ridiculous I am with my pickiness.

Let me put this into perspective with this question—single or attached—If you had the opportunity to have a do over with your current s/o or your last s/o would you? Because see this is my do over! And you better believe that I am going to be picky.

 If you’re a first time reader—I was in a crappy 8 year relationship. I was clearly with the wrong BOY for too long and now at 30 I refuse—REFUSE—to settle for anything less than perfection in my eyes! Settling has been my pattern for, hmmmmm all of my romantic life. The near high-school drop out, the male-whore, the momma’s boy that needed to be cared for—all regrettable!!!!

I will NOT SETTLE—I repeat I WILL NOT SETTLE!!! And everyone should have the same mantra when it comes to finding the one. Maybe settling is the exact reason over 50% of US marriages end in divorce. WE set these unrealistic goals—we have a life plan—married by 27—and then we find someone and make them out to be the one so we could fulfill our stupid life plan. Great married by 27 and then divorced by 30!!! NOT FOR ME!!!

What’s sad is that could have been me. I had the life plan, I had the vision of the white wedding in NYC Harbour with Mr. Perfect, the perfect ring—blah, blah, blah! I can honestly say that the BIG dog and pony show doesn’t matter!

Ok so how am I too picky—I want a guy with nice eyes like blue or green, 6′ or taller, somone with goals and inspirations, hard working, driven, romantic, spontaneous, thoughtful, intelligent, passionate, attractive, strong….I mean really is that asking for too much? I do realize that no one is perfect, but I’m looking for someone who is perfection in my eyes—and so the search continues! I am determined to look under every rock and around every corner to find him and damnit one day I will 🙂

Wow, I was fucking picky back in the day. And why the hell did the color of said future boo’s eyes really matter that much? Hell, I was 30 and clearly clueless.

Oh and on a side note, how did my said do over go? Yeah, I think we all know the fucking answer to that question. Cheers, to do over #2!!!

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