Holy Compliments Batman!

How do you handle compliments about your physical appearance? I handle them like a pedestrian getting hit by a speeding dump truck. They hit me and not in a right way.

My self-confidence isn’t complete shit, but hearing things like “you’re gorgeous” or “you’re so beautiful” kind of makes me cringe. I think my first thought is “boy, this guy really wants to get into my pants.” I don’t think of myself as beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, stunning. I’d say I’m cute-ish!

In the just over thirty or so days I tried online dating this last time, I went out with a few guys. One was Mr. Compliments. He was rapid firing them at me. I am sure my face was fifty shades of red because it made me feel some sort of way. In my latest quest for a guy who will respect me and just date and sleep with me, I have found I get two types of men.

The first is where Mr. Compliments falls, and that’s in the wants to wife me up category. These guys want to go the extra mile to make me feel special. They want to plan dates days in advance and put a lot of thought behind them. The second type of guy is the Mr.s Wishy-Washy. He’s very vague about feelings and chooses his words with caution. When he asks to see me, it’s “let’s hang out.”

But where is the guy that fall right in between these two? I think that’s what best suits me. In the meantime, I have hidden both of my online dating profiles. The whole thing was very overwhelming, and I just want to see what happens next. The ball is not in my court anymore, and I’m okay with that.

While I am taking my hiatus, I am going to work on being more okay with compliments on my appearance too. Oh and don’t worry about me ghosting out on this blog because I have plenty of shitty experiences from my past that I can share too. I also have plenty of friends that a newly single and waist deep in this shit too!

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