A New Dating Discovery: The GentlePlayer?

Holy shit. I sort of feel like one of those super smart scientists that may have discovered some new breed of wildlife or sea life.

There are all kinds if hybrid dog breeds like to the Puggle which is half pug and half beagle. Have some guys evolved to become similar hybrids? Just follow along for a minute here.

In the dating World, we encounter all types of guys. Generally, we can place most into one of two categories, good guys or players. But what if said guy can morph between both?

I think Brian Hands the Real Estate Man may be this new hybrid that I’ve coined the “gentle player.” Now that I think about it, I’ve only encountered this mysterious creature one time before. It was 2009, and I was sleeping with a guy with a girlfriend. I know, I know. But this guy and I hooked up one drunken night, but after that, it became almost a faux relationship. He texted me regularly, we spoke hours on end on the phone, and he even took care of me after my boob job. What typical fuckboy would do all that? Every single night I was the last person he spoke with before bed. And the conversations weren’t superficial bull shit or sexual, they were deep.

Fast forward to 2017 and my second encounter… Brian Hands. Although I was pretty tipsy, I remember him asking permission to kiss me while we were sitting at this firepit at a bar. We walked from that bar to another, and he opened all the doors for me and made sure he was the one walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to traffic.When he and I went to eat last week, he attempted to pull the chair out for me, but I totally missed it because that shit never happens in real life.  And before we even met, we texted non-stop for days because I was out of the country and even chatted for a very long time via facetime. That’s a whole lot of work to do if you’re just trying to get laid. All those texts take time. As do little videos showing me pieces of your life. Why go the distance just for a piece?

I have been in long-term relationships with many guys who somehow never did some of those things for me. So that’s why I am just perplexed by the whole situation.

It got to a point where after the Friday into Saturday toothbrush incident that I didn’t see him so today I decided to just say something. I basically said I’m pretty sure you met someone else because you definitely don’t seem like you’re into this anymore and that’s fine, just be honest with me. He said he didn’t meet anyone and would call after work and go into more depth.

My take on it is this, I think BH is a nice guy deep down inside with great manners and was raised well. But because he’s 34 maybe he’s still going through his sow his wild oats phase. If he wants to just bang it out with as many women as possible, he’s going to need to stop being so nice and acting like a gentleman.


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