My Take On Online Dating 30 Days In

I think yesterday marked my 30 days doing the whole online dating thing. What have I learned…

  1. A lot of people are not honest about what they want and are looking for. His profile may say relationship, but that’s not always the case.
  2. If he’s on Plenty of Fish, there’s a good chance he’s also on Tinder, Match, OkCupid, etc.
  3. And it won’t be hard to recognize him because he probably uses the same screen name and photos. His profile may even be verbatim from another dating site too!
  4. People play games not matter what their age.
  5. Men can work those “myspace or facebook angles” just as well as us ladies.
  6. The majority of men want a girl “who doesn’t take herself too seriously.” What the fuck does that even mean?
  7. Even players have some pretty amazing manners and can treat you like a lady.
  8. You’re going to see some crazy shit and by that, I mean unsolicited dick pics and other nastiness. Just be prepared.
  9. People tend to use sites like OKCupid to express their true online intentions. That site gives you a lot of options including casual sex and non monogamous dating. Why not just put swinger?
  10. I am a good person that started this online dating thing with good intentions, to find someone I could maybe have a future with. I am not looking to get married or engaged anytime soon. I think the shit I have seen has made me feel more jaded than ever. I also feel like I need to sing up for Tinder, Match, and keep my POF and OKC profile going too. But that’s not me at all. I feel like I too need to be a player that way I can’t get invested in someone who’s acting like they’re Ben fucking Higgins on ABC’s The Bachelor dating 25 different women.
  11. Just like the shelf life on a carton of milk, there’s an expiration date to “hanging out” or seeing each other. If we’ve been out a whole bunch of times and you’re still on the fence, cut my losses.
  12. So many men’s and probably women’s profiles straight up contradict themselves.
  13. And lastly, get ready to see some of the worst spelling, grammar, and punctuation of your life.

To spite all this shit, it’s my hope that I can find that person that when they kiss me it makes my toes tingle, someone who respects me and treats me like a lady, and is cool with just getting to know me and seeing where things go. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break from fishing. You never know, you could land that perfect, trophy fish.

One thought on “My Take On Online Dating 30 Days In

  1. Jacqueline Allwood says:

    You are so right with what you say, i have had the same problem.
    I`m 69 so it really never changes no matter what age you are.
    I have only had one date, he was a lovely man but there was no spark between us, and that is
    how you should date someone, meet up have a chat and see if there`s any thing there.
    My problem is i have no one to go out anywhere with in order to meet men, so this is my only option, and it`s not nice sometimes but what else to do.


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