The Toothbrush In 2017 Dating

First of all, I suck a life. I have not written one god damn blog in a week. Truth is, I have been living life and gathering lots of juicy morsels to share here on the blog. Oh, and I’ve also been moving the last of my shit out of the place I shared with my waste of an ex.

Here’s just a brief recap. I think this past Thursday was my 4th week on Plenty of Fish. To date, I have met four guys. The first turned out to be a couple of dates, but just what I needed to get me back out into the dating World. The second was the guy who asked to buy drugs from me. Obviously, that ended there. The third is the real estate guy who I have seen a lot of since we met. And the fourth, a nice guy that legit wants to date me and only me and think more old school, but I’m not feeling it.

I hadn’t been out in the dating World in quite some time. But in the past, I was the one giving out a toothbrush. If a guy I was seeing was staying over on a pretty regular basis, I’d pick up an extra toothbrush for him. My toothbrush gesture meant that I liked where things were going and hoped they wanted to spend more time with me.

But what’s the symbolism behind this basic oral hygiene item in 2017?

Let me explain! So on Thursday, I stayed at real estate guy’s house. I also went on Friday evening and we watched a movie and I stayed. It was the Friday night sleepover that has inspired today’s blog. I was really well behaved that night and only had one drink compared to the night before when I definitely had too much. After the movie, we chatted some about our lives. He asked about how I’d become engaged to three different guys and I explained. Yeah, that was awkward. I’m not a serial ring wearer, honestly.

But as we were getting ready to go to bed he said something along the lines of “I have an extra toothbrush for you so you could brush your teeth.” When I am a bit taken back by a gesture or situation I always inject some sort of humor to lessen my perceived impact. I made a few jokes along the lines where I insinuated that he probably has a drawer of spares for all the girls spending the night or maybe he has stock in Oral-B! I used the toothbrush and after stood there at his vanity with him beside me and said so what do I do with it now. He pointed to the toothbrush holder and said put it there. Again, my awkward ass had to make some sort of joke about putting my initials on it so it doesn’t get confused with the others.

Why am I such a fucking weirdo? I mean I know why I am making these jokes because I am trying to better understand where I stand with this guy. Part of me thinks he’s a huge player. And if he’s a player, he’s the nice guy player. The one who is totally fucking multiples and going on dates with tons of women, but makes you feel like you’re the only one when you’re together. Or maybe I am just fucking paranoid?

I vowed last week to not read any dating articles because I didn’t want them to fuck up my head with bogus ideas and bull shit. But I may have read a few on this whole toothbrush thing. It seems there are many schools of thought on the gesture.

BTW, did you know that the group DNCE made a fucking song about this whole Toothbrush scenario?

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