Dating With Jade Colored Glasses

Some people date with rose colored glasses and are in LaLa land and end up missing some huge red flags. On the other hand, there are those that date with jade colored glasses. This is the dater that is actively seeking out the red flags even if there aren’t any in sight.

I used to wear the rose colored glasses, but after being burned many times by guys that I thought were good I have become a bit jaded. Maybe I did entirely too much dating back in 2009 when I did my 30 dates in 30 days with 30 different guys? Or maybe it’s all the horror stories and articles I read about how shitty guys can be…

I don’t want to be that girl always second guessing a guy’s good intentions. I don’t want to have to worry if there is some ulterior motive. The internet is great and all, but sometimes all of these resources at a click of the mouse or the swipe of an APP may just be further complicating things.

I did find an article that makes my jaded ass feel a bit better and it’ all about why dating the jaded girl is a great option. There’s hope for me after all.


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