When You Assume You Make An Ass Out of You & Me

Oh for fucks sake, I am so not cut out for the modern dating World. There are just too many rules, too many offers, and way too many assumptions. I know a few weeks ago I shared an article on the Facebook page about how most men on an online dating APP/site are dating on average six women. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Like dating as in going out for coffee or screwing six women? It can really mean so many things.

I’ve been on Plenty of Fish three weeks tomorrow! I have met four different guys. The Canadian was my dipping my toe in the water guy. He was separated and in the process of getting a divorce so he understood how odd it was for me. He was super cool and the perfect rebound guy! The second guy is the one who asked me if he could buy drugs. Needless to say, that’s where the story with him ends. Now guy number three is super cool. We’ve gone out twice and get along well. But there’s some sort of mysterious side to him, but we’ll get to that in just a second. And the last guy, bachelor number four… he’s a gentleman, doesn’t try and talk about sex with me or cross those kinds of lines, he called out first meeting a date, brought me flowers, and before we ended our evening asked me if he could see me again.

I mean that sounds great and all, but… I don’t know. He is very traditional in that he only talks to one woman at a time and isn’t pursuing five other women. I can really appreciate that! Now back to guy number three, like I said there was something that made me scratch my head and wonder if I was seeing the whole picture. Part of me wondered if he was seeing/sleeping with multiple women. So I did what any dip shit that pretty much knew the answer to the question would do and asked him flat out…

I am happy to report that he said that he was sleeping with someone before he met me, but hasn’t seen them or hooked up with them since starting to talk to me. But… he’s going to a Basketball game this weekend and I have to work so he’s most likely taking the girl he was seeing and banging before me. I can’t be mad though. This is what dating is in 2017. But I just don’t know if this type of dating is for me.

And you’re probably thinking well duh go out with guy number four again because he seems like he legitimately wants to get to know me and he isn’t trying to lay pipe in multiple places… and this is where I am struggling. Why is the guy who is probably going to go out with the other girl and hook up with her this weekend more appealing?

I may need to seriously rethink this whole online dating thing and take my profile down. I could always be asexual. I could also just adopt more homeless cats and become a crazy cat lady. Both of those options seem much more easier than this dating shit.

7 thoughts on “When You Assume You Make An Ass Out of You & Me

  1. 30's Dater says:

    I don’t think any guy is actively dating 6 women at the same time. Its probably more like “met 6 women” as people tend to date in three month stages. Its too much work juggling two or three, let alone six! Since the 1st of January I’ve met four women. Went on two dates with the first one and I ended it after the second as I wasn’t feeling it. 2nd girl and I had a great date with lots of cuddling and kissing, but the dating site said one kid, not two which she had – I didn’t call her back. 3rd girl we had a nice time and agreed to meet again, but never did. 4th girl I have a second date with tonight and there was a 5th that I canceled on as I had too many on the go and I really like girl #4. Slept with none of them.


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