Divulging Too Much On a 1st Date

Blame it on the alcohol… that was my theme back in 2009 and part of 2010!

What a great song though. But let’s get back to the important stuff like shit you shouldn’t tell the guy you’re on a first date or pre-date with because you’re a bit tipsy.

I was out of town a few days last week for a work trip. But before I went out of town I began chatting with a guy on POF. We exchanged numbers and texted and then began making video messages for one another while I was out of the country. We also facetimed too.

He and I met up on Saturday evening for drinks. I thought he was cute already, but he looked even better in person. Most times, it doesn’t happen that way. I think because we did the whole video chat thing before that it made it less awkward when we met face to face. I already knew some of his mannerisms and that made it more comfortable all around. We had a few drinks and sat outside this bar with a fire pit. It was freezing, but these fire pits were the ideal spot to sit, drink, and chat. I don’t know exactly what led up to it, but we ended up kissing and kissing some more.

We ended up venturing to another bar a few blocks away for one last drink before calling it a night. One thing that was really refreshing about this guy I’ll call Brian Hands the real estate man is that he was all about opening doors for me and making sure he was always the one walking on the side closest to traffic. Mama raised him right!

So what did I overshare about with him? Well… let’s just say he knows this website exists as well as all of the social media accounts for it. He also knows a podcast is in the works. Opps. I guess I can hope for the best that maybe he won’t remember the name of the blog/podcast.

In creating this, it was never my intention to let any potential guy know about the site because I could be shit talking him. During our pre-date he did say that he wanted to take me out on an actual real first date where he’d pick me up and plan something. Here’s hoping that the stuff that happened after the bar didn’t put the kibosh to that!

I have been texting BHTREM, that’s the shortened version of that long ass nickname I gave him. We shall see what happens.

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