What Ever Happened To Meeting Someone Organically

I’ve been doing this online dating thing for 15 days. 15 fucking days! To say I am over it is an understatement.

I’ve gone out two two people, chatted with many, and there’s just something so artificial about the whole thing. Why can’t people just meet organically like they used to back in the day? I was talking to one of my girlfriends over dinner tonight and there are all of these dating sites and APPs for every interest, but what about one for people who want it to be old school? Can we make oldschoolromance.com? I would sign up for that in heartbeat.

On this fictitious dating site you’d only be able to communicate with one person at a time. Once you felt there wasn’t a connection, you’d have to end all communication before moving on to the next person. When you are chatting with too many people or seeing too many people, your experience with people starts to get clouded because you don’t know the difference between person a, person b, and person c. All their details just start crossing over.

I didn’t meet the person I married organically, but I truly felt he was the only guy who really courted me in a very old school way. You don’t find that much anymore, but it’s an amazing experience. But if things were so great, why am I here again? Well, that’s a whole story for another time.

All I know is I never wondered where I stood with him. He asked for permission to kiss me the first time. He opened doors for me. When we walked down the street, he always walked on the outside closer to traffic. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the World. He wasn’t the typical guy. He didn’t believe in dating multiples or bread crumbing or any of that horse shit. There aren’t many guys like that anymore. But, he’s not that guy anymore either!

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