Canadian Coffee, Eh

I have been on Plenty of Lines aka Plenty of Fish two weeks tomorrow. One of the first people to hit me up was this outdoorsy guy who was my age. We chatted back and fourth and he asked if I’d like to go to Amelie’s to get coffee. Score a point for him because he read my profile and knew I loved that place.

Our conversations never moved out of POF and I didn’t even have his phone number. But I though, what the hell you need to get out there and see what happens. So I decided to put my toe in the water with him because he seemed pretty harmless.

I may have bought a new shirt at Target before hand because if this was going to be my first rodeo in a long time, I wanted to look damn good. I got there a few moments before him and got a table by the door. He messaged me to tell me what he was wearing. He walked in and he was adorable and looked just like his photos. He was well dressed and I didn’t get that run like hell vibe.

For those of you not in Charlotte, Amelie’s is a French bakery/coffee spot. Their pastry counter looks like something out of a foodie magazine. He said “what are you thinking ABOOT getting?” You’re from Canada and sure enough he was. We both ordered coffee and a pastry each and found our way to the back area at a table.

Immediately, the conversation was good. I felt very comfortable talking to him about everything. He’s 38 and will be divorced officially in the next few weeks. So we shared our stories of why our marriages failed. We talked about his work, my work, and our love of good food in drink. He loves to snap Instagram photos of food because it’s so beautiful!

After about two or so hours he asked if I’d like to move onto another location to get sone food and drink. I agreed. We actually walked up the street a bit to this new spot I was telling him about that served drinks with these fancy ice globes with flowers in them. He scored major points by wanting to try it with me. We order a few small plates and this is where he got a little more touchy with me. Touching my arm or my leg every few minutes. He even ended up moving onto my side of the table to get closer. After he paid the bill, we walked down the road to another spot for drinks. He picked out a beer for me because it wasn’t my thing and again he sat on the same side of the booth as me.

We talked and talked with little lulls in the conversation or awkward silence. By the time we walked back to the first place where are cars were parked it was 1:40am. This whole thing started at 6:30. We hugged pecked on the lips and he asked me for my phone number which I gave him happily. He texted and called to let me know he got home and even texted me the next morning. This guy is just racking up points left and right.

I think it was date #2 where I may have gone wrong. But that misstep is for another blog.

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