#Starlight Not Really So Bright

They say hindsight is 20/20 and boy whoever came up with that saying was so right. I haven’t spoken to the guy I once referred to as “the best cuddler ever” since I sent those not so nice text messages and blocked him.

I remember when I met him and how he made me feel some type of way I hadn’t felt in a very, very long time. We met on a Friday and saw each other pretty regularly after that. In fact, there were some weeks that we spent six out of seven days together. He taught me about guns because he has a lot of them. We even went to the range together, and I was able to try out three different guns. I had a blast. He exposed me to music and movies and things that I previously didn’t experience.

But just as hot and heavy as it started, it fell apart pretty quickly. The guy who would text me cute little emojis during the day and ask me out ahead of time went away. It was almost like he began to take me for granted because he knew I would be there. Now that I have had some time to reflect on the whole scenario I think that this is BCE’s pattern.

I remember when we first met he told me about this “crazy chick” named Bekah! He said they had dated, but they ended up breaking up remained friends and slept together a few times afterward. Boy, I would love to hear her side of the story. I wonder if she’s just another victim of his game like I was?

The last time he and I spoke he didn’t really seem too excited about this new chick he’s seeing. Plus the day they went on their first date he slept with me later that night. I’d say that speaks leagues for how special of a girl you are too!

There were so many red flags with him now that I think about it. He spoke of all of these friends he had yet seemed to be a real loaner. I think during the time we saw each other he hung out with friends twice.

-He spoke of all of these friends he had yet seemed to be a real loaner. I think during the time we saw each other he hung out with friends twice.

-When I asked him about why his marriage ended, he said that his wife had let herself go and stopped working out and gained weight. Even if that’s true, I am sure there was a reason behind it, and maybe he played a part in it.

-He had a liberator chair that he told me about before our second date. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but the story behind it was a bit odd. He bought it for a chick he dated for 3 months, but she broke up with him before they had the chance to use it. I allegedly was the first woman to be liberated on his liberator, but again… I am not 100% convinced that’s the truth.

-After we became just friends, his freak flag really began to fly. He would send me links to things he wanted me to do to him. These were real intimate things that I wouldn’t want just a friend to do to me. But to each their own I suppose.

-He claimed that I was never forthcoming with my feelings, but I assure you I was. I told him I liked him a lot. I tried on multiple occasions to have the define the relationship conversation. I also was constantly doing thoughtful things for him to let him know he was on my mind like sending him links to something I saw online I knew he’d like or surprising him with his favorite beer when the store near him ran out.

But you’re right… It wasn’t clear how I felt.

To the new girl, if you were in the same position as I was when you met this #starlight that’s not so bright, you will be crushed by him in the end. Having a failed marriage is bad enough, but to be rejected without any real reason makes you feel like it’s you with the problem. Oh and if he tells you the liberator was never used, I assure you it was many times with me. I hope he washed it well before you take a ride!

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